Loan Purchase is a company that offer both loan purchase with buy back options and a range of property investment opportunities. Loan Purchase believe in keeping things simple and clear for any customer.

Loan Purchase are able to offer new and existing customers a quick and easy sale and buy back service on their unencumbered business assets including stock, plant, machinery, vehicles, and other property. Traditional loans secured against business stock, assets or personal possessions are often slow to agree and difficult to obtain at fair rates. It can also be the case that they are not agreed at all and adversely affect your credit rating. Loan purchase can help with a quick and easy decision for you.

Loan Purchase are also able to provide information on various property investment opportunities within our portfolio. Currently one of the best investment opportunities available is care home investing. Since there will always be a need for beds for the elderly and this need is currently seen to be increasing with the coming of age of the “baby boom” generation.

Loan Purchase with Buy Back

If you or your business owns any property of value there is now a genuine alternative to asset backed lending. Loan Purchase will actually purchase and buy this property outright, with cleared funds. You are also given a guaranteed buy back option. The guaranteed buy back option will detail how long you have before the buy back offer expires and the cost you can buy your goods back for.

If the buy-back option isn’t exercised within this period we simply sell the property, whether it is stock or other assets.

We buy plant machinery, tools, aircraft, boats, business stock, commercial vehicles, cars or anything else of value. Our scheme allows us to purchase items however big or small and we purchase the goods from you at an agreed amount with cleared funds, and give you an option to buy the goods back from us over an agreed period of time for a pre-agreed amount. Loan purchase periods range from 14 days to 12 months, subject to type of item purchased and its value.

We charge realistic and competitive fees for this service and can act quickly. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, poor cash flow, working capital shortages or need to pay a creditor quickly then in the short term we can be a great solution. By buying the goods we take charge of the goods and keep them safely in our storage premises nationwide for the duration of your buy back option period.

Investment Opportunities

Loan Purchase offer a range of property investment opportunities. We currently are offering investment opportunities with properties offering a very attractive ROI of 10% and more. These opportunities arise in a number of different property types, but the primary focus for Loan Purchase is the care sector.

With a quarter of people above the age of 90 living in communal care homes, and 7 in every 1,000 people above the age of 60 living in care homes there is a significant demand for quality housing and care provision in the UK. As a result, UK Care Home Investments are fast becoming a popular alternative investment option for many wishing to invest in property in a growing sector. With increasing life expectancy for the UK population, demand for UK Care Homes is forecast to increase year on year.

Check the range of properties in our portfolio HERE.

Did you know?

The number of people reaching retirement age in the UK is growing and will continue to do so at a steady rate for the next 20 years. During this period the number of people aged 85+ will grow by 106%.

The UK’s care sector can provide higher than average returns when compared to more traditional asset classes. Care home property is becoming a very good investment opportunity in the current climate.

A specialist adviser will be appointed to manage your unit to ensure that you receive hands-free returns on your investment or investments.