Detail of Assets

You offer Loan Purchase an item. This can be any type of item from personal possessions, business assets all the way to aircraft. We will buy items for £200 to £1Million


After an initial valuation on your property Loan Purchase will need to physically inspect the property to make a final offer. If our offer is accepted we will also need to take possession of the goods.


Upon acceptance of the offer Loan Purchase will pay you by cash, cheque, bankers draft, pre paid credit card, or BACS to your nominated UK account.

Buy Back

At the end of your selected term you have the option to re-purchase the items at the agreed buy back figure. If this option is not taken up then the goods will be sold.

What are we about?

Whether you are seeking to sell your beloved plane, super bike or private yacht for buy back at a later date, Loan Purchase is the revolutionary business that can help. Created by Daryl Self, Loan Purchase allows those who have either household items or larger items they wish to raise some capital against.

Developed after a gap in the market was found to exist for a service that allows for the item to actually be purchased, giving the customer the option to buy back the item for a small fee after an agreed amount of time, Loan Purchase offers a revolutionary cash flow solution.

As bonuses disappear and unemployment numbers rise, people are now under more pressure than ever to make repayments, raise money and secure short term loans. Credit card providers and loan companies have continued to tighten their lending criteria, which means even those with faultless credit ratings struggle to get a loan, despite dramatic cuts to the Bank of England base rates. Providing instant cash to those unable to secure bank credit, Loan Purchase allows everyone to secure the credit they urgently need.

Here at Loan Purchase, we will also look into loan purchasing against flats, houses, commercial property and industrial units, so if you have an item of worth, there is a solution.

Three Examples from Loan Purchase

(not including any administration charge and any additional charges – subject to item)

  • £5000 from Loan Purchase, 30 Days Your Total Buy Back Price could be £5300
  • £5000 from Loan Purchase, 60 Days Your Total Buy Back Back Price could be £5600
  • £5000 from Loan Purchase, 90 Days your Total Buy Back Back Price could be £5900

Commercial Transactions may have higher fees as storage will be built into the transacation. Commercial Transactions will be subject to VAT